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Propane Tank Heaters

No timers, over or under-heated tanks.  Either heater power level provides enough heat for the coldest of nights. The difference is how long it takes to heat a tank. The 325 watt heaters will take a tank from 20 deg F to 80 deg F in about 45 minutes.  We use a 1500 watt inverter in the car and can heat the tanks in route to the flying field. The cord is 5 ft in length from the controller, terminating in a US standard 2 prong polarized plug.
12 x 24   pad size, fits around a 10-15-20 gallon tank easily, distributing the heat over a 2 square foot surface.
Etched Copper foil heating element, which is very thin. The element is Double insulated, with an outer sheath of water tight Polyester tested to UL 1445.
We recommend holding the pad in place with plastic stretch wrap, which is easy to remove for inspections. An insulated cover should be over the pad and tank.
Two versions available:
1. 325 watt with controller  $75.00
2. 170 watt with controller  $75.00
Heaters control the temperature within +/- one degree F so you have the same pressure each time.